Sneaky Racing Track Rental

This coming Saturday July 19 sneaky track rental at the Mech Tech Race track in Ponce!!! :p arty0031 area Metro Montehiedra meeting point at 4:30pm. People who want to go other than the metro area can let us know to be aware and/or publish the information on our social networks: happy0025

It is important that when they get to the track they identify with their username if they have account in this forum. If not, give your name and description of the car to the person at the entrance. Make sure you write it right.

The gates open at 6:00pm and the runway closes at 12:00 midnight. There will be food and soda available.

This event will be open for running bias ply rubbers either slick or slick cheater and of course as usual any radial rubber is allowed.

The prices in general are the usual and will be charged at the entrance. $50.00 per carriage to be run includes one companion, third and fourth companion $20.00 each. Cart that will not run pay $20.00 including one companion, third and fourth companion $20.00 each.